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Instructor: Edward Scott Rickter, AIA, MBA

Architect, Developer, Guitarist


Achieving Financial Freedom – 12 Step Program

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Step 1. Financial Freedom Fundamentals (FFF or F^3)

Exercise 1


Step 2.  Financial Literacy - Why 95% of the industrialized world remains illiterate about their money.

Exercise 2 


Step 3.  Cost Control

Exercise 3


Step 4. Revenue - How much money have your earned or acquired during your adult to date?

Exercise 4


Step 5. The FI curve…Piecing together the Financial Freedom (FF) formula

Exercise 5




Step 6. Your financial future - How much are you saving right now for retirement?

Exercise 6


Step 7. Present & Future Income sources

Exercise 7


Step 8. Piecing together a budget and retirement plan

Exercise 8


Step 9. Reaching Financial Freedom

Exercise 9




Step 10.  Maintaining Financial Freedom - dealing with unexpected changes, old habits, or new desires and objectives.

   Exercise 10

Step 11. FF helps you remember your soul purpose in life.  Find your path and purse what you love.

   Exercise 11


Step 12.  Keep what you have and give it to whom you want (rather than letting a probate court and the IRS decide for you).

Exercise 12